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About us

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Tomiya is founded over the principle of firmly believes in quality over quantity. Effort and scarcity are intrinsic components of value.

We create limited edition bags of the highest worksmanship quality and best material for limited collectors. Produdng everything in small runs means we can afford to take risks, and to make unique products tlhat our fans and customers will love. Luxury, re-defined and enhanced with the latest technology.

Technology Included

Quality is our promise.

Our brand is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values. We are able to offer incredible products because we skip the middleman and supply our goods directly to you.

Passion of Invention

We love inventing something that’s never been seen before. Especially if that something involves the Web, mobile apps, and/or hardware for the Internet of Things.

Help Needed?

We love working with other manufacturers ulitiing our speciality.
If you are interested in doing something new, we’re all ears.